Vadim Crețu

Vadim Crețu (b. 1970, R. Moldova) is a Romanian painter, known also as an exceptional colourist and drawer. Among his ability to trace rigorous lines and make use of exuberant colours, Vadim Crețu is also a fine, discreet and meticulous poet of light and classical simplicity. The way the painter immortalises his deepest impressions, confers to his artwork the value of an intimate, delicate and mystery confession (Alina Petrescu). In 1996, Vadim Crețu graduated the National Art University in Bucharest, in the class of the famous painter Ștefan Câlția. In 1995, the painter was awarded the Lion Club scholarship, offered by the Institute of Architecture in Darmstadt, Germany and in 1998, he collaborated with Van Rijn Gallery in Paris. Vadim Crețu has participated in more than 20 group and personal exhibitions in Europe and his works are in private and public collections in Romania, Greece, France, Switzerland. Visit the artist’s site:

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