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VR Mark Verlan. Marioka Son of Rain

31 Dec 2020 - 31 Dec 2050

Mark Verlan (b. 1963) is the brightest and most famous artist based in Chisinau. The artwork of Verlan is difficult to explain as it is an almost paradoxical mixture of conceptualism, performance, postmodernism, naïve art and surrealism.

He creates colourful and multi-layered stories that make everyone plunge headlong into the reality of his fantasies. Verlan lives in his own imagination, dreams and hopes. Actually, his fairy and ironic artworks are broadcasting the general social subtext, making his characters be in a constant movement and interacting with the public.

Mark Verlan is an experimental artist. He turns found objects, such as an old pair of shoes or an old frame, into a cool art object, filled with aesthetics, but also irrational meanings.

In 2003, Mark Verlan exhibited at “Blut und Honig” exhibition, at The Essl Collection (Vienna), curated by Herald Szeemann and, in 2011, he exhibited at the Venice Biennale. He participated in many other solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, and the USA.

VR exhibition

How to explore VR exhibitions

The virtual art exhibition is available in web browser and can be viewed on any desktop or laptop computer. To fully enjoy and experience the exhibition in Virtual Reality, we recommend a VR system. For mobile users, the VR exhibition is not yet available, but you can explore the artist’s portfolio.

Instructions: Use the arrow keys and the mouse/trackpad for navigation inside the VR exhibition. To exit press twice the ESC key.

  • Date: 31 Dec 2020 - 31 Dec 2050
  • Location:VR on
  • Curators:Natalia Smurgun