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Elena Bria: “A true artist is always a cosmopolite”

Elena Bria: “A true artist is always a cosmopolite” Interview by Natalia Shmurgun, translation from Russian by Victoria Kulikovski May 2021 What is true talent, how ephemeral is inspiration, how creativity can be turned into a tool for self-reflection and how the Romanian royal family ended up at the Academy of Painting in Saint Petersburg. […]

Virtual reality exhibition celebrates experimental portraits of Moldova’s authors

Text: Paula Erizanu A VR exhibition showcasing experimental portraits of Moldovan authors is now available to see online. The 25 works were made by Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu, one of Moldova’s most prolific painters. The 99-year-old artist was commissioned to make the portraits by the Museum of Literature in Chișinău in the 1960s and the 1970s, when local […]

Romania and Moldova open first virtual reality gallery for emerging artists

Romania and Moldova have opened the countries’ first virtual reality exhibition platform to help young artists gain exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic. Founded by the Moldovan Arbor Institute for Culture and the Romanian Arbor Association of Culture and Arts, will feature VR exhibitions by emerging artists from across Eastern Europe. “I wanted to build […]

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