Nadya Izosimova

Nadya Izosimova (b. 1988, Bender, Republic of Moldova) is a figurative abstract painter who reflects on themes such as inner life and personal stories, loneliness, uniqueness, the relationship of the individual with the world, history, God. Since 2017, Nadya has been engaged in contact improvisation, modern dance and performance, which gradually began to influence her artistic activity. She has developed an interest in the study of corporality and the connection between visual art and movement, as well as performance, as an opportunity for direct contact with the viewer. Nadya Izosimova takes inspiration from her childhood, traumas, emotions and states, but also from Russian avant-garde, German expressionism and iconography.

Nadya Izosimova graduated from the State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga”, graphic section. Her works are in private collections around the world.

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