Olga Kovtun

Olga Kovtun (b. 1983) is a Ukrainian visual artist, living and working in Kyiv (currently, because of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Olga with her daughter took refuge in Europe). She graduated from the Kyiv National Academy of Visual arts in 2008 and became a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine in 2010.

Olga Kovtun holds an important record of awards, such as the Presidential Grant for young artistic activity (2012), Kiev Art Award (2015) and Distinction of Honorary Artist of Ukraine (2020) for her outstanding contribution to the development of fine arts.

Olga is interested in iconography, monumental and easel painting. Her style resembles the techniques of Baroque iconography and Flemish painting.

Olga Kovtun has participated in many exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad and her works are in private and public collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Island, USA, Georgia and Russia.

Artist statement: “Art, for me, is life. An inner, deeply intimate space. Without borders between the inner and external world. No entrance, neither exit. Everything exists only a single moment on paper. This is a great symphony; going towards the inconceivable surprise. An interesting, enjoyable game.”

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